Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Quick update!

Ethan just out of recovery from his head grafts on Tuesday. He was pretty sore this time around! They just informed us today that his next dressing changes would be on wednesday of next week!

Meet Mark the Music Therapist! He is awesome and Ethan absolutely loves him.

Mark letting Ethan have a turn playing the instruments.

It's so nice to have such great friends. Breanne and I have been friends since Junior High and we still laugh like the good old days! Thanks Breanne!

Michelle, my other awesome friend, came up at the same time as Breanne and they were such great company. It was nice to have a bit of a break. I guess I should thank Blaine too, michelle's husband, for driving her up and waiting in the hallway for several hours while us girls visited. I felt bad but Michelle assured me he was enjoying reading a good book. Haha, I am not sure how much fun that could be in a boring hospital but it was so nice to have michelle there. So Thanks Blaine!

Ethan developed this weird rash on his body yesturday and today it was much worse. They think it is an allergy to something, just not sure what yet.

More of the rash......

And more.....

Ethan has been spoiled and got another new toy from some friends of ours. Thanks to the Deys Family, he loves it!

Just the two of us! Its been lonely and yet nice to just spend some one on one time with my boy! I sure love him...even when he gets cranky!"