Monday, March 21, 2011

Pictures from the weekend!

Shermene, one of the many nurses whom we love.....we will miss them all!

I was so excited to see my friend Jillian's been a long time and it was fun to catch up. Ethan and I were spoiled rotten by her and couldn't be more grateful.

Ethan's favorite part of the day is when they bring his snack was always fun to see what new things were inside.

Ethan is always peeking out the window trying to catch the attention of the nurses at the front desk.

Ethan being a stud!

Lisa, another one of our nurses. We have had Lisa since the start and Ethan really likes her. Lisa calls him boyfriend and she is the only one to receive a kiss.

Ethan giving Lisa a kiss

My three little munchkins!

Nothing has changed between these two...they are still best buddies!

Playing in the playroom at the hospital. This is one of the many playrooms there that the kids loved.

Ethan loved to push all the buttons and hear the sounds of the animals.

Ethan playing with his buddy Ezryn!

Kim, Devin and Ezryn were great company on Sunday. They are such a good looking family!

Ezryn and his sweet bear suit. He looked so cute you just wanted to squeeze him.

My sweet little Hallie Bean!

Ethans first car ride in over a month...he loved it and got very excited!

No more tubes....this was a very happy day!

Ethan's a free man!

I have been trying to log onto the network all morning and it just wouldn't let me. Now that I have finally logged in, it won't let me upload any pictures so I will try again later. Before I update you I just want to give a shout out to my wonderful friends and family who ran in the moonlight run yesterday...I was thinking about you all night wishing I was running with you and hoping you did great! Next year will be my year!

This past week has been exciting and busy. On Friday before Tim and the girls showed up, our nurse Shermene, who we just loved, tried to flush Ethan's PIC line and it started to leak water all over. Dr. Harrop came in and looked at it and decided to take it out because it wasn't working properly. One tube down and only one more to go! Now that Ethan doesn't have the PIC line in ( it acts like an IV except it isn't superficial to the skin but rather is inserted just above the elbow and goes straight into the superior vena cava near the neck)he will not be able to take any anesthetic during his next dressing change, so he will only be allowed some oral morphine. This will be the test to see how he does...dr. Harrop wants Ethan to be able to eventually sit on my lap and have his dressings changed without any pain meds. While we removed the PIC Dr. Harrop suggested we go on a day pass and spend some time as a family, so when Tim and the girls showed up we all went out to spend some time together. First stop on our agenda was to the chiropractor. On Wednesday I started to get a sharp pain in my left hip to the point where I couldn't walk without a limp. From there it spread to my lower back and shoulders and I was having a hard time standing up and walking. Tims uncle referred us to his chiropractor and he was great. He helped a lot and now I can walk! We then walked the mall for an hour, doctors orders, then went and picked up some KFC and headed to our hotel to eat. It was a nice relaxed evening and it felt wonderful to be out of the hospital. Ethan loved being with his sisters and fell asleep as soon as we would get in the car. Saturday we checked in at the hospital at noon as planned and we were told that if everything went well and Ethan was eating good we could have another day pass. Dr. Harrop told our nurse to remove the NG Tube and we could be on our way. Finally, after four weeks we got rid of every tube! I never thought this day would come soon enough and it came at perfect timing. It felt wonderful to not worry about him pulling out any tubes while we were out. The girls had a blast hanging out at Tim's aunt and uncles house playing with their dog and jumping on the mini trampoline. Ethan enjoyed that too. We ate mcdonalds as requested by the girls and ethan rediscovered his appetite, eating 4 1/2 chicken nuggets, a big handful of fries and drank a whole Gatorade. It was like he hadn't eaten in weeks! Sunday we came back to the hospital and enjoyed a fun visit from our friends Devin and Kim and their sweet little boy Ezryn. It was nice to see them again and let the boys play together. Tim and the girls left later on and it was very hard to say goodbye. Ava had a hard time leaving and begged us to stay. Hopefully that is our last goodbye for a long time! Now it's just a waiting game to see how Tuesday goes. If all goes well with his dressing change then we might go home as soon as wednesday!