Monday, March 21, 2011

Pictures from the weekend!

Shermene, one of the many nurses whom we love.....we will miss them all!

I was so excited to see my friend Jillian's been a long time and it was fun to catch up. Ethan and I were spoiled rotten by her and couldn't be more grateful.

Ethan's favorite part of the day is when they bring his snack was always fun to see what new things were inside.

Ethan is always peeking out the window trying to catch the attention of the nurses at the front desk.

Ethan being a stud!

Lisa, another one of our nurses. We have had Lisa since the start and Ethan really likes her. Lisa calls him boyfriend and she is the only one to receive a kiss.

Ethan giving Lisa a kiss

My three little munchkins!

Nothing has changed between these two...they are still best buddies!

Playing in the playroom at the hospital. This is one of the many playrooms there that the kids loved.

Ethan loved to push all the buttons and hear the sounds of the animals.

Ethan playing with his buddy Ezryn!

Kim, Devin and Ezryn were great company on Sunday. They are such a good looking family!

Ezryn and his sweet bear suit. He looked so cute you just wanted to squeeze him.

My sweet little Hallie Bean!

Ethans first car ride in over a month...he loved it and got very excited!

No more tubes....this was a very happy day!


  1. I hope you guys will be home soon. I will miss reading your blog though!
    We still keep praying! Every time I am in the temple, I put you guy's name in.
    You will probably still need i for a while.
    If there is anything we can do please let us know!

  2. The blog will continue! We aren't done yet he still has lots of healing to do. Even when we come home their will be several trips back to calgary each week to do dressing changes and help with the healing process! His wounds are still fresh and require lots of care. We are told he will need to be watched very carefully around home to be sure not to wreck any of the grafts!

  3. Ethan is such a beautiful boy...his smile makes me smile (I particularly like the picture of him being a 'stud'!).

    Although I have never met your family, your courage and love for each other has had a profound effect on how I approach each day with my family.

  4. I second that....the picture of him looking like a stud is just absolutely adorable! I guess here is where I can brag a little....that's my nephew everybody!!!