Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Visit Home

Nights have been getting better even thought Ethan has been sleeping on my lap in the lazyboy reclining chair. Surprisingly, the recliner has been really comfortable. We have tried making Ethan sleep in his crib but every time we do it is a nightmare. He has so many tubes and I.V. lines connected to him that when he rolls over at night it causes problems with them pulling out. On top of that Ethan hates getting poked with needles so him sleeping on my lap is what we call damage control. It's a good thing that Brittany is a lighter sleeper than I am lately. Every morning I ask her if she had a good night sleep and she complains that she as up all night with Ethan. I always ask, how were you up if I was the one sleeping with him. She keeps telling me that Ethan wakes up and she ends up giving him drinks or whatever it is that he needs. She says that I sleep through it all and that when I do wake up I start talking jibberish and fall back asleep.

Today we had a woman by the name of Lisa come by and talk to us. She works with a volunteer group at the hospital that organizes volunteers to help out with anything that we need. She brought by a bunch of toys for Ethan to play with which was very nice. Ethan is just getting to that stage now where he is starting to get bored just sitting there day after day. As much as this is great for the kids I'm still hoping they bring by some grown up toys for Britt and I to play with.... just kidding. Actually the Alberta Children's Hospital has nightly activities for patients which can be a lot of fun. There seems to be a type of community here of sick or afflicted people; the patients all come out to these activities every night. A couple of examples are: movie night, games night (playing various Wii games etc..), and tonight is Bingo night (you don't have to pay money or anything, and I don't think you win money either, its for the kids). The Hospital has seriously thought of almost everything to keep people comfortable and happy in a place that is usually dreary and dull.

Today I made the decision to come back down to Lethbridge to see the girls and hopefully get some school work done. I came down today and will be here for a couple of days. My mom (Sue Anderson) will be going up to give Brittany a hand while I'm gone. We were dreading having to have one of us come down and leave the other behind but it has to happen sooner or later as Ethan's stay in the Hospital will be another 4-5 weeks yet, not to mention I still have to finish my semester at the University.

As I drove down to Lethbridge today I felt sad leaving Ethan and Brittany behind but the closer I got to home I got increasingly more excited to see the girls. They were jumping up and down like crazy when we finally saw each other. It is so nice to see my little girls again. I called Brittany to see how Ethan was doing and she said he spiked anther 40+ temperature an hour after I left. The doctors and nurses took a swab and some more blood work to find the cause of the high temp. They have to be on top of everything with serious burns like this as infection can be very dangerous and detrimental to Ethan's burns healing. I guess he will be going back on general antibiotics that kill everything until they can narrow it down to what is causing the temperature spike.

Britt will be good tonight I'm sure, she was kinda stressed as I left but I know from experience that she performs best under pressure. I couldn't ask for a better help meet than her, she is an awesome mother and companion and has the compassion of the Saviour she has taught me more than anyone could know over the past few years we have been married.

Sorry no pics tonight as I left the camera in Calgary with Brittany. she wont have time to write tonight as she is with Ethan. Thanks again for all your faith and prayers, it has helped more than you could know.

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