Monday, April 4, 2011

I have come to realize there is just not enough time in the day to get done the things I need to! Which can be very frustrating! Ethan's daily care routine eats up most of my day, leaving me with little or no time to get all the other routine things done each day, such as laundry, cleaning, errands, girls homework, having a shower, etc. It has been such a blessing to have so many wonderful people bring us delicious meals this past two weeks...I don't know what I would have done without them! Today the girls and I cleaned the upstairs all day and just as we were finishing some dinner was brought over. It was nice to get the house in somewhat of an order and not have to worry about what to feed the kids for dinner!

Ethan is doing better at home and we are slowly weaning him off some of his bedtime meds, such as Gabapentin (used to help him relax and stop itching). He is doing well without it and is even starting to sleep for longer stretches which feels wonderful. Its amazing how just a couple of hours of straight sleep can make you feel rejuvenated as opposed to waking up every 30 min to a screaming child who is thrashing around and kicking you in the face! I can't wait to have my own bed back! (For those who are wondering, Ethan sleeps in our bed because he tears off his bandages in the night and scratches everything and makes big scabs on his already healed areas. This way we can keep a better eye on him). This last Friday we went up to Calgary for a dressing change and were reassured by our physiotherapist that everything we were doing to help reduce infection on his arms and head was right! It felt good to know we were doing the right thing and to see that certain parts of Ethan's head were starting to heal. As Ethan's skin bonds and matures we are starting to see large puss pockets that form and eventually pop. This is normal with grafting, however the open sores do pose the risk of an infection and so we therefore have to be very thorough with cleaning his arms and head on a regular basis. Its frustrating because here we thought his arms were in the clear and all we needed to do was hydrate them. He is also starting to form some heavy scar tissue in some areas on his arms that weren't there before. When we asked if that would go away we were told probably not! Ahhh, it's times like this that it is easy to get upset and wish this hadn't happened to our perfect little boy. When I see pictures of him before the accident I get really emotional, I just wish we could just turn back the clock and go back to the life we were living before. And as shallow as this sounds, I miss his bleached blonde hair the most! I hate to see my little guy go through so much pain on a regular basis. I hate hearing him call out "Help Me!" when we start to change his dressings. I hate holding him tightly so that he doesn't move as we debride his skin and force down his meds. Its both physically and emotionally draining, but I know that in the end the Lord has a plan for us. I just keep telling that to myself and it seems to get me through my bad days! But I know it is true and we are already starting to see the Lords plan for us. We are not the people we were over a month ago and that's a good thing! Ethan's personality has changed so much and we are all in awe at how resilient he is. He is so patient and sweet and funny, and we can't get enough of him. He enjoys every minute of life and so I think we have adopted that same attitude...Life is just too short!

We are getting used to the daily grind of cleaning Ethan's head but on this particular day he was exhausted and fell asleep. It made things a little tricky as we tried to put on his compression stocking.
We made a quick trip to the park to get outside and enjoy the fresh air.
Ethan thoroughly enjoyed it even though the winds were blowing at 100 miles/hr. I so am looking forward to summer...except for the part of trying to figure a way to keep Ethan's burns protected, as they are very sensitive, without heating him up too much!
Hallie absolutely loves any chance she can get to go outside. Its hard being trapped in the house all winter.
The park is even better when you get to bring along some great friends! Breanne and her daughter Brielle joined us in the horrible winds and later treated us to dinner. It was nice to have some help throughout the day!
This is Ethan getting his head cleaned, looked at and debrided (all the scabs and dead skin removed). He sits so patiently and is such a good boy. This is Julia, one of our physiotherapists, who was standing in for Doug who normally does all the dressing changes but was away to a burn clinic along with all of our other doctors.
This is the back where they did not do any grafting. It is still healing but is finally starting to look a little better. I just hope things continue to stay that way.
Peeling away the top layer of skin that dries out.
Ethan has definitely learned to be a LOT more patient!
So have the girls. They do pretty good as they wait over an hour in that tiny room for Ethan to be done.
Everytime we travel to Calgary and back we have to fight Ethan to keep his socks and foot bandage on. He usually has them off by the time we get home and then we have to redo everything.
I bought Ethan a new pair of gum boots so he could join his sister in splashing in the puddles. I made the mistake of putting them on at home first and then struggled to get them off. He wore them all night long!
See how patient he is!!! On a regular basis we find Ava bundling him up and telling him to lay still...and he does. He patiently waits until Ava is all done and then continues to lay there because he enjoys the attention.
I told the girls to go brush their teeth and when they didn't return for over 10 minutes I got suspicious....and this was what I found. They were washing each others feet with the hand soap because, I quote, "our feet stink like Ethan's head!"
I love my little munchkins!


  1. Absolutely adorable pictures Britt and Tim! We love your little munchkins too! Thanks for the updates. We need to talk sometime soon. Love you and thinking of you always!

  2. He looks so happy to be home with his sisters! Glad to hear his healing is coming along so well. Continued prayers for you all:)

  3. Sorry... that's from the Deys family! Forgot to sign off!

  4. Our prayers continue in your behalf.

  5. Thank you for the information, and the beautiful pictures, so nice to see how well he is doing, and how much love those 3 have for each other, you have a beautiful family, wish we lived closer so we could help out, you sure have a lot on your plate.
    You are all in our thoughts and prayers.
    Ella and Roy