Friday, August 26, 2011

Summer adventures!

After several requests to update the blog I am finally going to do it. I wasn't sure that there was too much to write about, our summer has been busy but not too exciting and not much change for Ethan. Ethan is continuing to heal everyday. His scars are not so red and the thickness is slowly going down. We were given a break for the summer from the children's hospital and told we didn't need to come back until the end of august. Oh, and the most exciting news was that Ethan could swim in the water, which couldn't have come at a better time right at the start of summer! Just last Friday we went up for our appointment and had to see a new occupational therapist as Darlene was in a serious motor accident and away from work for a bit. Karen our new OT was very kind and knowledgable. We re-sized Ethan for new arm bandages as he has outgrown the ones he has (he has grown 2 inches just this summer). This time he will have to wear a bodysuit on top that zips up the front and hopefully this will help them to stay on and compress the areas near the tops of his arms. He is such a good boy at the Doctors and sits so patiently for them to get done what they need to. When we were finished our appointment we went up to floor 3 to visit some of our nurses. Many of the staff that worked with us, including volunteers, were there and we had a great visit. They are all such amazing people and they will always hold a special place in our hearts. In the middle of September our plastic surgeons, physiotherapist and a few of our nurses are going to peru to do skin grafts for kids who have been burned and never got the medical attention they needed. This is such an amazing team and those kids will be so blessed to have their help...they couldn't be in better hands!

This is what we've been up to the past few months:
Visit to the Calgary Zoo. Ethan absolutely loved it!

Feeding the horses at grandmas with auntie Lindsay.
Playing at the beach.

Lots of bike rides!

Ethan loves to help do the dishes (play in the soapy water) and make dinner!
His new bike! We put a bell on it that came with his helmet and all he would do for the first couple of days was ding the bell. We soon removed it and he finally began to ride it. After about a week of trying to figure it out he has got the hang of it and rides like a wild man. These are so great for kids to learn their balance. He even tries to lift both his legs up now when he goes down a big hill!
My wild dragons! Their little buddy Brielle spent the day with us and the kids were so excited. They just adore her!
Camping! We went to Apgar in West Glacier for 3 days with David and Breanne, Tim's brother and his wife, and got rained out for 2 of those days. The kids made the best of it and played in the rain. We even did a hike in the rain!

Water bumper boats near hungry horse. We did the maze, go carts and bumper boats and had a blast!

Hallie was excited that she was finally big enough to do something on her own.

Weeping falls on the Logan's Pass.
We went boating with my brother and his family out in Little bow. The weather was perfect!

Exhausted after a long day of boating!

Cardston parade in the morning.
Bonfire at night.
Snuggling Grandma.
Little Buddies!

Fun with the cousins!

Once again, exhausted after a long day.
Many days were spent playing in this pool. Ethan liked to sit there for hours playing in the water.
Many walks and hunts for geocache's.

He walks everywhere lately with his hands in his pockets.


  1. Absolutely LOVE all the cute pictures! We sure miss these little munchkins!!! You guys truly have a cute little family! Love, love, love those nieces and nephew! Of course you and Tim too! Thanks for sharing all your fun adventures! Now, all you need to do is add some pictures of you on vacation in California...and you'll be good! Ha, ha! Love you all!

  2. I'm thinkin Aunt Jenny needs a visit! :)