Saturday, March 12, 2011

Were off Isolation!!!

Wow, i've done five nights on my own and I need a break! Tim drove up this afternoon to help out with Ethan and takeover in the evening so I could get some much needed sleep! His dad Bart came up as well and willingly watched Ethan for a couple hours so Tim and I could get out together. It was so nice to get some fresh air and be out of that hospital room. Bart was a lifesaver! He left shortly after Tim and I got back, and then Tim and I sat and watched a movie on TV actually felt like we were on a date! It was great! Then the great news came from our wonderful nurse Mary that Ethan was off Isolation! He was put on Isolation last week for a virus he had, and just today the results from his latest swab came back and said he was fine. On isolation Ethan could not leave the room and all the nurses and doctors that entered the room had to mask, gown and glove up to be sure they didn't spread anything to any other patients. I think the nurses are more excited than I am!

I am getting tired so I will just quickly list a few of the things that have been going on:

1. Ethan is sitting up again. He would only lay down because his leg was so sore. If we tried to lift or move him he would cry in pain so now he is sitting up and starting to put some weight on his donor leg.
2. His appetite is coming back since surgery. Ethan hasn't been eating too much since the accident and its really important that he does because the calories help his burned areas to heal. He has been put on a special high calorie diet where he can eat everything and anything. His menu includes large breakfasts, lunch, and suppers as well as snacks in between. Snacks include milkshakes, cookies, puffed wheat squares, crackers, and anything else with high calories. He is not taking in enough calories on his own and so in the evenings he is fed pediasure with fibre through his NG Tube.
3. The Foley(Catheter) is out! Each time Ethan goes into surgery he comes out with a catheter in for usually a day or two so they can monitor his fluid intake and outtake. This time it was very bothersome to Ethan and he complained until it came out.
4. No more assistance with oxygen. Same as the catheter, when Ethan is post-op he is put on oxygen for a bit until he can regulate it himself. This time around he didn't need it for too long.
5. Ethan is starting to take some of his vitamins orally as opposed to through his NG Tube.
6. He is starting to smile and talk to the nurses again. He is always unsure of the nurses because he doesn't know if they are going to poke or bug him. Jackie, one of our nurses calls Ethans look the "Stink Eye," and that describes it perfectly. As soon as he knows they aren't going to bug him he gives big smiles and shares everything he has.
7. No more Rash! Ethan's rash is slowly disappearing and we have decided it was due to the antibiotic he was on. They put him on one for 48 hours after each surgery to make sure no infection can start. When the antibiotic was stopped yesturday, the rash quickly began to fade.

Ethan and I working on the blog. This is in the resource center which is open to all patient's and their families.

Ethan was so happy to see daddy again!

Ethan likes to play doctor. Usually he just takes the nurses gadgets to play with but Lisa found one for him in the volunteer room.

Just checking if I'm still alive. With all the lack of sleep I'm starting to wonder myself.

The Boys: Bart, Tim and Ethan

Ethan Picking his dry skin off of his hands. He is always picking something!

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