Monday, March 14, 2011

Passing Time!

We were out for a walk and took a quick break. Tim had been walking for 3 straight hours with Ethan while I went to clean out our room and do some laundry at the Ronald McDonald House. We decided to give up our room their as we didn't have anyone staying with us for a while. There is a large waiting list of people trying to get in so I am sure someone else will appreciate our room. Ethan has been on isolation for what seems like forever, so once he got a taste of the real world he didn't want to go back to his own room....he would just scream and point to the door saying "go."

Having a breakfast picnic on the floor. Ethan was so happy that dad stayed another day with him...Tim planned on heading home today for class but Ethan wouldn't let him go. Tim also wanted to stay a little longer to see Ethan's grafts on his right foot as the nurses were planning on changing his dressings. We eventually saw his foot and it looked great, all things considered. I sure hope we are on the home stretch!

He is such a cheeseball. On top of everything else going on right now, Ethan has decided to cut his two bottom teeth. He has been drooling and chewing on everything, as well as throwing some major fits! He has quit sleeping all together and I am having a hard time hiding the bags under my eyes now. Tim has been such a great help this weekend, I don't think I could have made it without him! He has been very patient with Ethan in the night but is starting to see my frustrations with Ethan's horrible sleeping patterns. The pain control team came in today and decided they would try a new drug on Ethan to help him sleep and stop itching. Its a drug normally used to help control seizures, an anti-itch drug, and will help to relax his muscles. If that doesn't work tonight I will be giving him some melatonin tomorrow...somethings gotta work!!! We did however slowly wean him off of morphine completely and he is only on a low dose of Ketamine (his pain drugs).

Movie Night! This hospital has thought of everything you could imagine and tonight was movie night. On the fourth floor they have a large movie theatre where we went to watch "Megamind," a hilarious kids movie that I would recommend you see. They provided popcorn, juice and treats, and it was fun to hear all the kids giggles. There was a very special spirit in the room as all these little children who were sick and dressed in their hospital attire, wheeled into the theatre. This was Ethans first movie and he sat through the entire thing. He loved every minute!

Ethan on our way back to our room from the theatre. Tim and I have now had many comments such as this,"She is soo cute!" or "What a little doll, she is just precious!" It makes us laugh but I guess he is kind of a "pretty" boy. When Hallie and Ava were little everyone thought they were boys because they had no hair, and now everyone thinks our boy is a girl...I guess we can't win!


  1. We have been following Ethan's progress since we found out about his accident. Please know that you are all in our thoughts and prayers and that Ethan is in the prayers of many others here in "the states." You are the most amazing parents ever, and you have such a beautiful family! It's impossible to imagine your journey with Ethan and Hallie and Ava, but it will be over some day...
    Ed and Bobbi Reynolds

  2. Bwaaahaahaahahaa ... Everyone thought Ry was a beautiful little girl too (when he had a hat on and his ears were covered), even in blue jean overalls, blue ski jacket and black snow boots. Its those long eye lashes and beautiful eyes. Go figure!
    I love the pictures of Ethan's little smile. Looks like he is getting his personality back and then some...heehee...
    Have fun and hang in there. Soon this will just be an interesting memory that you will look back at and wonder how in the world you ever got through - but you will. Love ya, stay strong and kiss Duda for me!

  3. Those pictures are so precious! You are my daily inspiration, Britt. I'm so happy to see Ethan smiling and enjoying a few moments of fun.

  4. Love the smiles on Ethan!!! So glad that he is out of isolation - such a positive step! You guys have had such a tough go of it! You are all still in our thoughts and prayers everyday!
    Love you all....let us know if we can help out with the girls....

  5. Ethan's smile is the cutest thing in the world! Got to love what a little cheese ball he is! You can't help but grin when you look at his pictures! Being sleep deprived is awful....hang in there! You look great though Idgy...I don't see any bags under your eyes at all! Your my beautiful sister! Sure do love you guys! After all this, you will definitely need that trip to Cali!!!!
    Love ya lots!!!

  6. Aunt Shirley: Just read this to grma/grpa A- we're all so happy Ethan can show us his smiles ..hoping you can all sleep! The best is yet to come! Mom & Dad are anxious to see you again!

  7. There is no better sight than that precious little face with a big smile. It just melts my heart. I'm so happy he is having some happy moments. Children have amazing strength. Still thinking of you and praying for you every day.

  8. P.S. Your mom is doing such a great job with the girls. They come to school looking beautiful and put-together every day. She must be working so hard!

  9. have been following ethan and your family from the beginning. send warm wishes and prayers your way. we have a son that turns 2 in may so looking at him I can't imagine all that you have indured and still going through. hope you all have a great st. patricks day! love the leavitts